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About "Magical Heroines?!"

Magical Heroines?! is a web comic about magical girls, or heroines, even, who team up to fight evil together.

Dokidoki Garossu, 14, will soon find herself inside of a highly diverse group of Japanese magical girls, and learn how even she, an individual, can make a real difference in her community. But first, can she graduate middle school??

About the Artists

Magical Heroines?! is written by Handspike and illustrated by Yukimaru.


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The Author is dumb.

Check out the preamble!!!

a portrait of the author as a young bug

Zainab Almahdi (Yukimaru)

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Yukimaru has been drawing comics since the wee age of 3. Besides art, Yukimaru's other hobbies include drinking tea, reading about history, summoning demons, and discovering new music.

A sketch of yukimaru