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An illustration of Dokidoki Garossu

Dokidoki Garossu

“Magical girls are passé!!”

An absolutely average girl save for a sharp tongue and lack of patience for clichés in her midst. Her spirit animal: A pet pig.

An illustration of Torabisu Torako

Torabisu Torako

“Pass me the salt, ore!!”

The sports-oriented member of the crew! Absolutely dependable in any and all situations and the pinch hitter/captain of the girl’s softball team. Has 11 older and 11 younger brothers and is referred to as “The Tiger in the House of Dragons”.

An illustration of Kyuta Loliko

Kyuta Loliko

“What are you, a idiot?? A idjit???”

Rude, crude, and full of attitude. Loliko thinks she can slide by on her babyish looks. And you know what? She’s right. Can fit into large pant pockets.

An illustration of Meguta Maganeko

Meguta Meganeko

“Uh, um…no, forget it. Sorry.”

Some nerd. Arguably lame. Romantically interested in metallic objects rather than gross flesh, yecch.

An illustration of Oudo Oujo

Oudo Oujo

“Look upon my wealth, and adore me!! Please.”

The new girl in town--and country! Dripping with wealth and blondeness, Ojou’s new life begins in the land of the rising sun. And yet, can she break through the language barrier with the sheer force of her bombast and Americanisms?? Early surveys say: Yes!!!!!