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Chapter 1 - Page 1

Fri, 11 Jan 2019

Hello! We have a commentary panel now. Is this where news gets to go? Well this is as big a news story as we've got so far.

If you didn't know to this point, the one currently typing this out is Handspike the author, the one who drew and colored this page is Yukimaru, and that girl has blue hair for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy. - Handspike

Hiya! Thank you for reading our comic and all that jazz.

I really enjoyed coloring this page, y'all. I use Adobe Photoshop to color and it's relatively difficult to create depth and dimensions with cel shading but I just used many different layers with different opacities and somehow it looked acceptable enough to pass Handspike's rigorous quality checks, so I guess it was good enough. Idk? Anyway, thanks for reading our comic again! -Yukimaru