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Chapter 1 - Page 43

Mon, 23 Dec 2019

I can't exactly not put this in edgelord terms, but oh well...

News: This story is 1/3 me being mad at weeaboos (lol), 1/3 me being mad at business culture shaping society (lol), and 1/3 me shitting on bad anime tropes and character types.

Upon teaming up with Yukimaru I presented 16 chapters of rough drafts to prove how vile and vitriolic I get. When putting ideas together my motto was 'if it makes me feel bad to plot it out, it's going in.'

For better or worse, some of my biggest inspirations are Medaka Box, Blade of the Immortal, Golden Kamuy and Excel Saga. My favorite manga series is Medaka Box, the best series is One Piece, and I got into Jojo when Viz Media licensed Stardust Crusaders and some Egyptian guys tried to ban it. From here on out, Reader Discretion is Advised for violent, abusive, and sexual content. Colors on this page were done by @grimm_j1mm. Amen.